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O One Chaac
Mayan relief of the rain god Chaac carrying his burden of time represented by a lizard, Palenque, Yucatan.
6" x 8"

Bee Goddess
Gold plaque from Rhodes, 7th cent. B.C. Ancient fertility symbol of Great Goddess from the golden age.
Available in bronze glaze.
8.5" x 7"

Hambaba, Giant of the Pine Forest

Sumerian terracotta from Mesopotamia. This image of the demon ogre Hambaba slain by Enkidu in the Epic of Gilgameshwas formed in clay by the entrails of a sacrificial animal.
8" x 7"

Mastiff Suckling Puppies
Babylonian terracotta plaque from Ischali Larsa Period, early 2nd millenium.
8" x 5.5"

Art mobilier of bison carved in reindeer antler found in La Madeleine cave, Dordogne, France 10-20,000 B.C.
7" x 4"

Head of a Woman from Warka

Alabaster Sumerian sculpture late Uruk missing from Iraq National Museum, Baghdad
6" x 7.5" x 2.5"

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