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Ceramic Relief Tile Friezes

D'ou Venons Nous? Qui Sommes Nous? Ou Allons Nous?
(Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?)
from mural by Paul Gaugin, 1897
Ceramic tile frieze made to order
$550 unframed (12.5"H X 31"L) 6 tiles
$750 mounted, grouted, framed in cherry (18" x 41")
For detail photos click here.

The Shepherds of Arcadia
Ceramic frieze from oil on canvas by Nicolas Poussin, ca. 1640
An allegorical painting depicting four shepherds in the south
of France examining a tomb with a mysterious latin inscription:


$360 unframed to order(12.5" x 19") 6 tiles
Available:$400, cherry frame

The Olive Pickers
based on a 15th century Tuscan fresco
Not available: one of a kind custom tile frieze prior to installation
(13.5"H X 32"L) 8 tiles

Fireplace Surround
white ceramic tiles with
putti in upper corners.
Not available: Custom fireplace surround for client in Chester, CT. For detail photos click here.
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