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Plum Critters Jeremy Barnard started out as a practitioner of black and white photography, and now has expanded into other photographic techniques. He is self-taught, his craft having been molded and influenced by the writings and the work of some of the great masters. His passionate pursuit of technical excellence has kept Jeremy involved in every step of the photographic process from printing to framing. His photographs walk a fine line between abstraction and realism. To see more of his work visit www.jeremybarnard.com

Cottage #3

Victoria Blewer focuses on a bygone era: the great American Road Culture-- a culture of vacation cottages, cabins, motels and diners, which she photographs with black and white, or infrared film. Each print is hand colored to create a heightened nostalgic mood. The result is an image that is haunting and surreal, that recreates a reality that will otherwise never be recovered. See www.victoriablewer.com


Drawing inspiration from the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean and Far East, Andrew Chulyk creates functional art that combines the mystique of long lost cultures with 20th century Art Deco style. These WOOD KEEPSAKE BOXES AND URNS, carried in better shops and museums across the country, make an artistic statement as well as offer wide functionality. They vary in size from 4 inches (ring boxes) to 4 feet (furniture for cremains and keepsakes.) They are individually hand-made using rich and subtle color combinations, rendering the appearance of polished metal. To see more of Andy's boxes click HERE.

Group of Spheres

Jill DiPippo carefully crafts and paints Calendar spheres to celebrate each month of the year. In making them she uses designs based on microscopic natural images, other natural designs and ancient ornamental symbolism. The ornamentation is significant of each month, unique in design and color. See www.jilldipippo.com


John Fazzino calls his work Ceramics for the Garden, focusing on large outdoor sculptural planters and columns. He also makes small planters, bird baths and garden balls, as well as unusually shaped occasional tables and vases, and small sculpture. He uses glazes experimentally, which gives his work a free and unpredictable quality. See www.johnfazzino.com
Conscience Figure

Tim Jewell lived and worked as an artist in New York City in the eighties and early nineties. His work reflects the spirit of that time and place in the history of art, notably an installation of his "Conscience Figures" in Central Park. See Jewell
Saggar-fired vessel

Emma Luna, Domincan born now living in Riverside California has a long and illustrious career as a fine art ceramicist. She has mastered traditional pottery techniques such as saggar fire and raku, adding her own refined sensibility. After moving to California she branched out into ceramic sculpture, creating series of works that referred to her own history. Las Toallitas de mi Abulela are finely crafted porcelain stacks, recalling memories of of her grandmother's wash cloths. To see more of her work visit Emma Luna Art Gallery.


Gallery X is a contemporary, cooperative art gallery of Visual, Performing and Literary artist members located at 169 William Street in downtown New Bedford. A non-profit, tax-exempt organization, Gallery X promotes a mission of cultural outreach through community partnerships by providing a venue for monthly exhibits, musical and theatrical peformances, and poetry readings. For more information visit www.galleryx.org
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