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Lola's Spoonholders

The collection

Well, what can I say... except that one day, I made a clay spoonholder for my stove, and it reminded me of a sandal without straps. Then the idea came to me to make ceramic spoonholders that look like shoes. They could be all different styles and colors: pumps, mules, wedges, open-toed Spanish heels, vintage shoes, shoes you don't have to wear. You may ask, who is Lola? Lola was my grandmother and Lola loved shoes. When I was little, whenever we would visit her in NYC, I remember spending hours in her closet trying on all her shoes. She was a size 5, so they almost fit. I marvelled at those old 40's styles that looked so good on my feet. I still have her shoe trees.

All Shoes $36

Some of these shoes are no longer available, but I continue to make similar styles.

Three pumps and an espadrille

Three mules and a sneaker




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