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Ancient Stoneware

This collection of slab rolled stoneware pottery was inspired by my growing interest in ancient pottery unearthed on archeological digs. I thought it would be interesting to make functional ware that had the appearance of ancient pottery. I first made them for personal use and found then to be extremely durable. Each piece is handbuilt using a hump mold, so they will vary sightly but be uniform in size. The bottoms are flattened for minimal rocking. This pottery is contemporized by colorful matte glazes that are dinnerware and dishwasher safe.

Nilsa Garcia-Rey

Left, top to bottom

1. Creamer/gravy boat, dark olive glaze: $32

2. Aladdin's Lamp teapot, greenish bronze glaze: $60

3. Coffee/teacups and saucers, dark olive glaze outside, white glaze inside: $25/set

4. Left: Medium shallow bowl, 9.5" dark olive: $25
Right: Serving platter, 8.5" x 10.5" dark olive: $30

Left, top to bottom

1. small black & white bowls, 4.5," $14 @

2. Medium shallow bowl, 8.5" orange: $25
Large orange plate/platter, 12" $30

3.Small deep bowls, 4.5" orange: $16@
Medium shallow bowl, 9.5" dark olive: $25

4. Medium deep bowls, 8.5" blue: $35 @
Large plate/platter, 12" blue: $30

Aladdin's Lamp teapot

Small bowl $16
Medium bowl $25

Small pots: $14
Small plate $20
Large plate $30

Also Available:

  • Small plate, 8.25" all colors: $20
  • Large salad bowl, 12" all colors: $60
  • All pieces shown are also available in other colors: matte lemon yellow, matte gray, matte deep wine red and matte white.


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